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Our story starts with a family of horses abandoned in a field. An Equine Behaviourist called Emily McDonald found out and planned to teach them that humans are delightful, and then find them forever homes in pairs. However, after seeing the family together Emily couldn't bear to separate them. So, she decided to keep them as a family with her. Together they can show how humans and horses can live in harmony. As the horses were not handled by humans until they met Emily, they are a shining example of how easily a trusting relationship forms between humans and horses, when they are treated with kindness and respect. 

The goals are:​​​

  • To provide free articles and videos on how to care for horses and educate them ethically. 

  • To be a haven where humans and horses enjoy spending time together, through our horse school.

  • To help horses by providing behaviour consultations to the public.

  • To tread lightly on the planet and keep the horses in an environmentally-friendly way.

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