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Behaviour Consultations


Before the consultation Emily will need to phone your vet and get consent to consult as by law the animal is under the vet's care. Also, she needs to be aware of any medical problems which may affect the case.


The initial consultation will take about 2 to 3 hours. Emily will need to see your horse in their normal environment. Emily will ask you questions and take a history of your horse. With this information she can make an informed assessment of what the issues are and explain to you why the unwanted behaviours are occurring. Finally, she will explain your plan of action and give you specific Behaviour Modification Programmes to start training.


The prognosis will vary with each case. Most owners will see positive changes the same day, but other issues may take months to totally resolve. It is worth taking the time to support the horse in making long term change to avoid the problem recurring in the future which can happen with 'quick fix training'.


The initial consultation costs £35 an hour and will take 2 - 3 hours. The fee includes:
o Time on the phone to Emily or support via email.
o A personalised report given to you during the consultation detailing why your animal is displaying unwanted behaviours and the plan of action of how we move forward.
o Behaviour Modification Programmes tailored to your specific situation.
o A bumbag for training.


Travel is charged at £5 per hour's driving from E11. So for example, if you live an hour away it's 2 hours there and back so £10 travel expenses. This cost can be shared with others if I have cases in a similar area.


Follow up consultations may be needed depending on the problem. It is completely up to you how much practical support you would like. Follow up consultations cost £35 per hour.


Please check your animal’s insurance policy as the fees may be recoverable from them.


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