Since starting riding at the age of 8, Emily spent any spare time at the stables. She learnt to ride traditionally and continued to do so until she was 20. However, she always felt uneasy about using whips, spurs etc. After reading Heather Simpson’s articles in ‘Horse and Rider’ magazine Emily went to the Natural Animal Centre to study Stage 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the Equine Behaviour Qualification. Emily felt relieved to finally find a way to keep and train her horses and not feel guilty.


Emily works under the Natural Animal Centres Code of Practice. Once a year Emily returns to the Natural Animal Centre’s Continuing Professional Development weekend. During these seminars all NAC graduates are given the latest scientific research regarding animal behaviour. In addition, Emily keeps up to date throughout the year through various webinars and seminars. Emily is a member of the Equine Behaviour & Training Assosiation which is an organisation devoted to getting the correct information regarding horses welfare out to the public. Emily has also studied Equine Nutrition as this has a huge impact on horses both physically and emotionally. Emily also has a Level 4 in Early Years Teacher Training, is DBS checked and outdoor first aid qualified.



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