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"I desperately contacted Emily when my trainers had judged my Welsh Cob Billy to be totally broken, unable to relax and not worth trying to train any more (after several years of training). In one way they were absolutely right, he was tense all the time and he regularly got extreme panic attacks, but I felt I did not want to just give up on him. I love him and I could see that he was unhappy and feeling miserable, so my goal was to try to find help for him to feel good about his life again. I didn't know what to do or where to turn, but I felt in my core that I couldn't continue doing more of the same or similar kind of training that I had already done. I found the films of Emily and the Meadow family on youtube and felt that her approach to horses was different from what I was used to. So I contacted her and she agreed to take us on, even though we were in different countries. I can't even describe how thankful I am for Emilys guidance. She helped me understand the causes for Billy's extreme tension and wrote out a plan for how I could help him feel safe and secure again. I was prepared for several years of slow rehabilitation, but I could see the first signs of improvement in Billy after only a couple of months. Because of the amount of stress he was under before, I had never seen him lie down, roll, play or interact with the other horses in any way prior to contacting Emily. Slowly, all these natural behaviours came back and he improved in so many ways. He's still the sweetest horse ever and today he is enjoying his life together with his herdmates. He feels truly confident and the panic attacks are long gone. Thank you from Therese and Billy Boy"

“Since his freeze-marking Billy (18 months old) became very aggressive turning his bottom at me, biting, charging me in the field and guarding his food. He would rear if I put any pressure on the leadrope and I couldn’t tie him up. From the first time Emily came out and met Billy the calm way in which she helped us both was an instant miracle. Gradually Billy became the lovable boy that he was when I first got him. Billy was being kept alone on my property so with Emily’s advice I got Jack to keep him company. From the first day Jack moved in with us Billy was transformed. His aggression dramatically reduced and the frantic neighing when I left the yard stopped. With Jack I had different problems to overcome with Emily’s help. He was terrified of everything, I couldn’t even touch him or go anywhere near him with a headcollar. Now he has turned out to be a happy laid back pony who comes up to me for a scratch and puts his own nose into the headcollar. My ponies are my world and thanks to Emily’s support and patience she has made us all very happy. Without Emily I wouldn’t have known which way to turn. Thank you, from Justine (ever grateful horse owner) and Billy and Jack (the best behaved ponies)”.


“Jake my 21 year old loan horse was lovely,but frightened of everything. I only wanted a horse to hack,but he was always very tense and I felt he was about to leap up in the air at any moment. I have never been scared of horse riding of my 35 yrs of riding. I have to admit I had lost my nerve,I even wore a back protector to hack out! I called Emily after a friend recommended her. I was a bit cynical, I approached his owner who said I was wasting my time and money,but I went ahead,as I was almost ready to return him and his owner would have had put him to sleep. I’m so glad I did as now my friend and I both hack him out alone or in company now, he strides out more and no back protector! I feel confident riding again and enjoying my riding. I would not hesitate to recommend Emily to any horse owner having problems.” Anne


“I have fitted Skye’s saddle for a number of years and she wasn’t an easy horse to fit and actually scared me at times. She would have her ears flat back at all times and I was extremely cautious of her teeth and her hind legs. I went back to check Skye’s saddle earlier this year, now owned by Emily. I was surprised to see the same horse but as I approached her she had her ears forwards. She seemed a lot happier throughout the saddle check and did not display any of the behaviour I had seen in the past. I was amazed by the results of Emily’s approach.” Chloe Kearney, C J Equestrian Services.

“With Emily’s guidance and very helpful “step by step” sheet’s my previously spooky horse is transforming into the confident boy he deserves to be. Emily was very confident and enthusiastic and I learnt so much about horse behaviour straight from the first meeting and since then I have changed the way I am around him, which really reflects in his behaviour. As soon as the bumbag comes out, Tommie knows it’s time to be extra brave. Before Emily came, I would ride my horse and spend almost all of my time getting him to walk past the scary plant, stone, or patch of slightly longer grass; some times I couldn’t even get him warmed up to a trot, where he had been spooking for over an hour. Now I get on and it is common for him not to spook at all, or if he does it is no where near the magnitude it was before and he deals with it a lot faster. Emily has helped change my horse in just months, showing differences that riding instructors had said couldn’t be changed. Very happy, enthusiastic, confident, caring, helpful and a lovely person to work with.” Elice


“Emily has introduced me to a whole new world as far as equine behaviour is concerned! I have had my horses for about 6 years and been involved with horses since I could walk, so a long time! Emily has shown me how horses think and opened my eyes to my horse’s basic needs. It’s not always easy when you keep your horses in a livery yard, but there are little extras you can introduce into their routines to keep them occupied and happy. In Emily I have found an honest and trusting young lady, whom I would, definitely recommend”. Debbie


"I am at the start of my journey with horses and as a person centered therapist, I wanted my learning to reflect the same values. I met Emily while volunteering at a horse sanctuary. I was drawn by her intuitive way of being with the horses and wanted to know more! I now meet with Emily and her horses regularly to explore the way they interact in a natural environment. This one to one learning has been very special, Emily shares her expertise with a passion which is a privilege to experience." Alex

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