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Pillow posts are a soft scratching post ideal for horses to scratch their face. You buy a waterproof pillow case with rope and then fill it with an old pillow that you have at home. Or there are often free pillows available on freecycle, freegle etc.

The pillow post should be secured to a safe, strong object using the rope provided. The rope is made from recycled plastic. Usually the pillow post works best on an object which the horses are already using to scratch themselves. 

horse pics 14 copy.jpg

A pillow post case and rope cost £20 plus postage. For the UK postage is £3, for further afield please email for quotes depending on how soon you need it to arrive. 

Colours available are green, yellow and pink.

To order please email  


These beautiful greeting cards are prints of paintings done by Alex Graybow. There is even our very own Jakon available! The cards are A5 size and printed on matte recycled paper and complete with envelopes.

They cost £2.50 each or 4 for £8 plus p&p. 

Alex generously donates £1 of every sale to the Meadow Family. You can buy them by emailing Alex at:

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