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Be a 'green' horse guardian 


Here are some eco friendly ideas you can do to look after our wonderful world and save money to boot.


The yard:

  • Avoid land degradation by using a system which promotes sustainability, I recommend the 

     Follow the link to learn about the benefits for the land, horses and yourself.

  • Use recycled flooring substrates where possible such as wood chips and crushed tarmac from roads.

  • Build structures from recycled materials e.g. pallet barn. You may even be able to get a structure from  

  • Avoid electric fencing where possible or install a solar-powered fence charger. 

  • Avoid buying plastic/synthetic items and instead buy natural products which will eventually break down. If you need to buy plastics try to buy recycled plastics. Of course there will be a balance though e.g. I don't use leather for ethical reasons so will buy webbing material bridles from 

  • Use metal water troughs rather than plastic (also better for your horses health).

  • Invest in solar panels to power your yard. Get off the grid!

  • Recycle anything you can! Put out designated bins at the yard in the tea room to make it easy for others. 

  • Save feed bags to reuse e.g. turned inside out to make post bags or to protect a hoof abscess in winter while the horse is in the paddock. 

  • Compost your manure so that it can be put to good use. You can then bag it up in your plastic feed bags.

  • Invest in organic, mixed grass pastures. Avoid weedkillers and the like which can have terrible effects on your horses health. Leave weeds which your horses will love to eat and remove poisonous weeds by pulling them out.

  • Plant trees to produce oxygen, shelter and a snack for the horses.

  • Plant hedges on fences to provide a wind break and more branches for your horses to browse on.

  • Use natural light where possible (skylights in the roof) and energy efficient light bulbs. 

  • Ditch the chemical cleaners at the yard and instead use natural products such as baking soda or apple cider vinegar.

  • Use a water butt to collect rain water which you can use. Save water in any way you can, fix that leaky tap etc.

  • When changing your horses water don't tip the old water down the drain, instead use it to water your plants.

  • Reuse, Reduce, Recycle, Re-purpose, and Repair anything you can. Be creative!


The horse:

  • Only buy organic, non GMO food. I recommend 

  • Collect a variety of safe herbs and plants for your horses. You can feed them fresh or dried in the future. This saves the cost of buying them and the carbon footprint of their transportation. You could even dedicate an area of your farm to planting herbs and vegetables for the horses and yourselves. 

  • Avoid conventional wormers which have disasterous conequences on the gifts in the soil, the earthworms, dung beetles etc. Other options are fecal egg testing and  then Verm Cleanse from Thunderbrook or Verm-X. Of course worms also need careful consideration in your land management with rotation, cross grazing with sheep etc.

  • Transition your horse to being barefoot for their health and to save the energy needed to make shoes, heat the kiln and the huge amount of wasted metal.

  • Don't waste water bathing your horse. They will only roll straight after and they need the oils in their coat anyway.

  • Stop using lotions and potions that your horse doesn't need. They like to smell like dust and the chemicals will go through the skin into their body. Also, it saves you money only buying what you really need. 

  • Instead of chemical laden fly sprays use organic cold-pressed neem oil.

  • Recycle and buy goods second hand through  

  • If you have loads of equipment you don't need donate or sell it, as it's doing the world no good sitting in your garage. I know easier said than done, but it feels good when all the toot is gone!


Out and about:

  • When taking your horse out stay on the paths to protect the rest of the wilderness from our footsteps.

  • Don't travel your horse in a horsebox/trailer unless absolutely neccessary. Not only do most horses find transport extremely stressful but it's terrible for the environment as well.


If you have any ideas to add please do let me know and I will add them to the list with credit to your super self.


To see great resources on being a green person in general visit: 




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