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The top videos are of the horses doing their thang. Scroll down for videos on training and our video series by 

To see more videos please visit our Youtube Channel 

Do horses only eat grass? Nope!

Baby Buddy learns about ditches.

See the horses chase and charge!


Horses need trees for shelter, scratching and eating. So go on, plant them a personal woods.

Haynet pony toy. 

Jakon and Buddy play fight!

Buddy and his brother Luca play together.

Jakon teaches his son son Buddy that plastic bags are not to be feared.

The horses exercise themselves!


Here is a talk given by Emily on how she has been rehabilitating the Meadow Family in their first 3 months together.

See how semi-feral stallions Luca and Jakon learnt to trust a human for the first time.

See how Luca and Jakon were introduced to the head collar for the first time and taught to be lead.

See how Buddy was gentled without a round pen, rope or food.

Tulla was fearful of wearing a halter. In the video you can see how she learnt to wear one calmly.

Herd habituation to a balloon.

Leo was fearful of humans, see the first steps to helping him.

The video series about the Meadow Family on

Meet the meadow ponies.

Taming the ponies

Buddy the colt foal.


Parenting in the meadow.

Lessons from the meadow.

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